Three tips to help prevent Back Pain.

lower back pain relief If you want to prevent back pain as you age, or if you already have back pain and you don’t want it to get worse, then I have three easy tips for you.

Most people are going to experience back pain at some point in their lives, that’s just a fact that we have to live with.  Unfortunately the habits that many of us build throughout our lives are only going to make that worse.

For this article I’ve put together three things that a lot of us do that adds to our back pain, and what you can do to to stop time from making your back feel worse, and worse.

Bad Posture- Many of us today have bad posture.  Habits like “slouching” and “slumping” on upper back pain reliefthe couch, over time can lead to serious back pain.

The best solution for this is to be more aware of your posture, and consciously make an effort to improve your posture. Over time good posture will become your new habit.

Wallet/Purse- This one is different depending on if you’re a man or woman, but both sexes contribute to their back pain by how we carry our personal belongings.

For women, carrying a purse pulls down on one shoulder.  This twists the spine slightly, not enough to hurt, but enough that it can lead to upper back pain over time.

For men, sitting on a wallet tilts your hips slightly, and your spine has to compensate for it.  This is not enough to cause immediate pain, but over time this can cause lower back pain.

To minimize these problems men should take their wallets out of their back pockets when sitting for any extended period of time(working at a desk, driving, watching tv…).  Women who want to minimize this problem should find as small of a purse that can fit what they need or, when possible, use a backpack.  The weight distribution of a backpack over a purse can save you back pain in the long run.

lower back pain reliefBad Form- This is bending at your back, instead of your knees to pick something up.  This is another one of those habits that doesn’t hurt when doing, but continuously bending wrong can, over years, lead to severe back pain.

To prevent this from becoming a problem over time, be more aware of how you are bending even if your just picking up a penny.  Make sure that you are bending at the knees and save yourself and your back a lot of pain over time.

I hope you found this content useful, none of these are things that will “cure” back pain immediately, but they will all make a huge difference over time.  If you are dealing with pain in your back, neck, shoulders… and want something for immediate relief, I recommend the Pure-Wave CM7.  To check out my review you can Click Here.

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