Give yourself an awesome Back Massage!

self massage tipsA lot of people hold tension in their backs which often times leads to back pain.  Unfortunately our back is the one place on our body we can’t reach our self’s to massage the aches and pains that tension causes.

In this article I will talk about three techniques that I used to massage my own back that really helped relieve the aches I was feeling.

Between the Shoulder blades-  This was the part of my back that always gave me the mostshoulder blade self massage trouble.  That is where I hold the most tension.

To get this area the best method I found was to use a tennis ball.  Lean your back up against a wall, and place a tennis ball between the wall and your upper back (this should be placed between your shoulder blade and your spine).  When it is in position lean your weight onto the tennis ball.  When you have as much weight as you are comfortable with leaning on the ball, slowly move up and down, using your legs, to work the entire muscle.  Do this for as long as you want, it feels awesome.

When done right this feels amazing and your upper back will thank you.

back pain reliefMiddle of the Back-  For the middle of the back I like to use a volley ball, you could also use a soccer ball.  Sit on the floor and place the ball about 6 inches behind you.  Then slowly lay back onto the ball and raise your hips up into the air.  You then want to move forward and backward to work out all the tight spots. Again do this for as long as it feels awesome.

The Lower Back-  For this area typically the soreness comes from the gluts as opposed to where you feel it, in your lower back, so I like to get a good glut massage instead of my lower back.

For this I like to use a tennis ball, sit on the floor with your knees bent, and your feet flat on theself glut massage floor.  Lean back onto your hands, and raise your hips up.  Then place the tennis ball under your glut and slowly lower your weight onto it.  Move your glut around on the ball until you find the sore spot, then hold until soreness lessens.

These are techniques I used until I found the Pure-Wave CM7.  It is a battery powered electric handheld massager.  I had tried other electric massagers before, but was never really happy with any of them.  When I first tried the Pure-Wave CM7 I didn’t expect it to do much for me, but I was wrong.  To check out my review on this amazing massager you can Click Here.

I hope this content was helpful, and thank you for reading.