5 stretches you can do to reduce back pain

Stretching is an important activity that doesn’t take long but many people don’t make the time to have a regular stretching routine.

In many cases people just don’t realize that a good stretching routine can reduce pain in your back, as well as many other parts of your body, in as little as 5-10 minutes a day.

In this article I will describe 5 stretches that I like to do every morning with noticeable results in a lowered amount of pain in my back, gluts, quads…upper back pain relief

Yawn stretch- That’s what I like to call it.  You start out by raising your arms in the air, pushing your hands as high as you can.  Next you slowly bring your arms down while pushing your shoulder blades together and arching your back(like a yawning stretch). When you do this right you will feel a nice stretch across your chest and your upper spine.Repeat this 5-10 times, until you feel nice and loose.

lower back pain relief Downward Facing Dog- Start out in a push-up position, with your feet about shoulder width apart.  From that position, rock back onto your heels, drive your hips back and up into the air, and arch your back.  You want to flex your quads and keep your knees as straight as you can for best results.  Hold this position for about 30 seconds, then rock back to the push-up position.  Again repeat this 5-10 times until you loose.back pain remedies


Cobra- After downward facing dog, when you return to the push-up position, you are already to move into the cobra position.  Instead of driving your hips back and up, this time your going to drive them down and forward while pushing your chest and head up.  Be sure to arch your back and look up for the best stretch.  Again you want to hold this for about 30 seconds then return slowly to the push-up position, and again you want to do this between 5-10 times or until you feel good and loose.

back muscle painMake A Ball- As I like to call it, you start out flat on your back.  Pull your knees to your chest, and hug them with your arms.  You can add to this stretch by pushing with your knees until you get a good comfortable stretch.  Sometimes I like to add slight rocking to roll slowly on the spine.  Again hold this for about 30 seconds and release.  I like to do this one 3 times, but you might like to do more everyone has their own preferences. lower back pain remedies


Child’s Pose- This is a great one to end the routine with.  You start out on your hands and knees, then slowly slide your hands forward driving your face towards the floor.  Keep going until you get to a good comfortable stretch, then hold that position for about 60 seconds or until you feel loose.  This one I do only 1 time, then I’m ready to face my day ahead.

I hope you found this content helpful, this is the stretching routine I do in the morning before I start my day and it has made a difference for me.

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